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Scoobies United...

..and no we don't accept all major credit cards.

The Scooby Gang
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This is a community for babyfirefly's Scooby Gang. Basically (and very ironically) her close friends all fit characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this group is here for them to hang out, make fun of eachother, talk about things going on in the group and so forth.

This is not RPG or anything. If you are one of Faith's friends and feel you are like an unlisted Buffy character, contact her and join :) If you are not a friend of any of the Scoobies please do not join because this is just pointless to you...

Buffy - legolah
Willow - evilnightngale
Xander - pilleightysixmg
Spike - deadpoolsidious
Anya - advicefromfools
Dawn - sweetfaerietale
Faith - babyfirefly
Oz - mangekaine
Cordelia - sweet_as_sorrow