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What's up Scoobies? Let's see s'more updating in here, kidlets.

In Scooby News, I never mentioned that we may be adding in a Wesley, did I? Dawn's fiancee perfectly fits Wesley (more so his badass Angel personae) and his name is Matt and he is well on his way to being inducted into the Scooby Gang.

Also, there might be another addition to the Scooby Gang if we can figure out who he most fits. Willow, I'll probably need your help on placing him. Cordelia probably won't have an LJ for a while, possibly not even until we move in together...but, yes, Cordelia does exist and I'm not just daydreaming. Xander, Dawn & Oz can back me up on this ;)

Speaking of Xander I haven't heard from him in a couple weeks, last I heard his house is being tented and he's staying with a friend. So, happy house tenting, hun...I guess?

Also, May 6th I get my Faith tribal, done by the very same Todd who designed the Red Dragon tattoo from, well, Red Dragon. Yes, I will post pictures. No, they won't be nude (because I know you want me Anya & B, oh yes *laughs* Come to think of it...Willow too!)

Willow & Cordy, expect letters early this week. Dawn & Oz, update!

Should we make this community friends only? I mean we don't post anything personal, but regardless, should we? Its up to you guys.
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